Tuesday, August 26, 2014


So ended up taking an extended hiatus from semi-officially reviewing books.  I was spending a year in Korea and it just didn't mesh well with creating lesson plans and learning to live in a very different society.  After I came back I did some bouncing around jobs and such until I finally found one that should stick for a while.  Related to this job I'm most likely going to be going to grad school in less than a year SO in between studying for an entrance exam (haven't decided which yet...) and applying and all that fun I'm going to try and get in some reviews.

So why write this instead of just jumping into doing a review?  Good question...hopefully this will be my motivation?  Yeah, we'll go with that.

As every Amazon user (and many avid readers) have seen there is now the "Kindle Unlimited" option where for $10 a month you get access to around 600,000 titles.  My next few entries are going to be focused around those titles and whether I think it's worth the cost (still undecided).