Friday, April 29, 2011

Luminous: Dawn Metcalf

Quick & Dirty:

  • Repetitive descriptions that manage to miss key points
  • Running around as a skeleton is strange and kinda creepy
  • The main relationship was weird and…just bland
  • Decent story with an interesting concept, you might want to wait for the authors next book though

Long & Wordy:

Fair warning: this is a book review, where I will talk about the book.  That means you may find some of this could be classified as a “spoiler”.  Proceed at your own risk.  That, and be warned this is a bit of a jumbled mess, there just isn't a good order to put it all in.

The general idea of this book is that Consuela goes into a coma on Earth and ends up in the Flow which is this between worlds type of place where the 'residents' (about 5 or 6 total, all from English speaking countries, if not just the US...that's never explained but it is a very elite club) anyway these residents are pulled back to Earth on occasion to come and keep us lowly humans from committing suicide.  But don't call them angels because they will go back and mock you while getting smashed on alcohol.  Consuela can't wait to bust out of this imperfect world so she can go home, and gets the offer...from the one guy trying to destroy the world!  But why would he save her?  Probably because he can't figure out how to kill a skeleton...

So there are lots of things about this book that I liked and plenty of other things that just rubbed me the wrong way.

Liked: The idea of her being able to change her strengths
Disliked: Her pulling off her skin and running around as a skeleton
Liked: Being able to harness elements
Disliked: The descriptions, they were very wordy about some parts but lets take her air skin for example, she's a SKELETON do you see THROUGH the air to her bones or does she BECOME air?

So you get the idea.  But really her walking around as a skeleton weirded me out.

About her skeleton, in the beginning she kept talking about her forever smile, but towards the end she said something along the lines of not being able to see her smile (**I'll look that up when I have some more time) so I just don't know what's going on.

It's also kinda weird that she can keep hearing V's thoughts...just sayin.

By the end I felt like I had skipped a few chapters or something because the things the whole major battle hinged on made NO SENSE to me.  You found Coyote's hole?  What?  Maybe I was just sleep reading and did miss it...I really have no idea what happened there.

She mentions a few times that there are lots of people coming and going from the Flow, and that there are new people every day but somehow only about 5 people show up there...and they've been there for a while.  Weird.

And what's with the binge drinking teens!?  Yeah, never ending bottle, let's get smashed and run around like jerks!  I'm sorry, like alcoholic angels.

Onto some character relationships
I had SO much hope for her and V and their relationship was so...bland.  It was hard to tell a lot of times what was really going on.
I think that's all I'm really going to say about the relationships (except that at the end of the book we have ANOTHER example of a book that seems to be promoting these super creepy stalker like boyfriends and glorifying them)

I don't plan on ever reading this book again but I'd read other things the author writes.

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