Monday, September 24, 2012

Clutch: J. A. Huss

Clutch (I Am Just Junco, #1)
Quick & Dirty:
  • Some rough spots in the writing rushed the story and made it difficult to follow, but only a few in relatively short places.
  • Intriguing plot, good story overall, plan to purchase the second in the series. Worth the $.99 price tag
  • Don’t read if you’re offended by the “F-Bomb”
Long & Wordy:

First of all: this is a DRM free book.  It can be easily converted to EPub or any other format.
Fair warning: this is a book review, where I will talk about the book.  That means you may find some of this could be classified as a “spoiler”.  Proceed at your own risk.
I enjoyed this book quite a bit.  The beginning was a bit rough and if I had gotten this from the library I probably would have put it down.  I got through it though and I’m happy I did. I really was having a lot of trouble just figuring out what was going on…maybe I was just too tired.
The “F-Bomb” was dropped A LOT in this story.  I’m not offended by it, I honestly drop it a lot too, but I know many people will be put off by this.
There were times in the story where it just got to be too much going on too quick. Certain parts needed a little more added to them so they would be at a better pace.  Towards the end of the book Junco, the main character, gets a little…stuck.  It’s a frustrating part because it seems to drag but it really isn’t that bad, probably more my impatience.  There are those stories that just drag on and on, this is not one of those.  
There were a few weird wordings such as “I sleep until I wake”…well no kidding, it’s that or die.  These don’t really hinder the story, just a nitpicky thing that shows up a few times.
This is more of a spoiler than the rest…but probably won’t make sense unless you’ve read the book…read this paragraph at your own risk:
“I crack a smile.  I know that whatever is in this hidden room, it is the real me, and my pulse goes wild as I climb down the ladder.”
So…How does she forget her own room?  Like I get forgetting bad things and whatever, ok fine.  I can buy those.  But she “chooses” what to forget…so why the hell did she choose to forget her room?  Like…I dunno this is one of those spots that really rubbed me the wrong way. 
A note on the formatting, it’s a little strange in the epub version, it has a very large font that can’t be changed, but other than that it is formatted well.
I would have given this a 4/5 but those rough spots in the writing need to be addressed…so 3.5/5.
Check it out at Amazon.
Overall 3.5/5

***I received this book as a Librarything Member Giveaway copy.  This in no way affected my review.***

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