Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fledge - J.A. Huss

Quick & Dirty:
  • Mix of Hunger Games and Ender’s Game on the Avian…ship?
  • No DRM, can be converted to any format.
  • Not worth the price.
Long & Wordy:
Fair warning: this is a book review, where I will talk about the book.  That means you may find some of this could be classified as a “spoiler”.  Proceed at your own risk.
So…How did we end up in the Hunger Games?
I hate to say this but…don’t bother with this one.  
Again, like with the first book, there is a lack of explanations at times that leave you scratching your head.  It took until page 147 to finally explain why she is in the wrong Fledge…but yet everyone in the General Fledge is still trying to be warriors…I don’t know if I missed something or if this really just didn’t make sense…
Overall, I’m not very impressed.  It lacks the novelty of the first book and the romance turns into a backstabbing sleep-around… I didn’t really find any redeeming qualities in this book.  Considering the price?  $5 for an ebook? Yeah, skip.  
Now the real question is whether I want to drop the money on the third….not really.  I have a BIG problem with not being able to finish a series and this is going to drive me nuts for WEEKS!
Totally not related to my review, but the cover freaks me out…That face is just weird and creepy.
(Don’t) Check it out at Amazon.
Overall 2/5

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