Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Broken - Kimberley Reeves

Never noticed the guy eating her neck in the clouds before...\/that's kinda weird.


Quick & Dirty:
  • DRM ENABLED – Kindle readers only (unless you like computer screens…)
  • Quick and simple read
  • Don’t read if you need a story that rides on more than a relationship
Long & Wordy:
Fair warning: this is a book review, where I will talk about the book.  That means you may find some of this could be classified as a “spoiler”.  Proceed at your own risk.
A touching story about falling in love and trying to reconcile your mistakes.
This story was well written, there were a few grammar mistakes but they did not detract from the story.
Not a thrilling ride, but overall it was a good story. The story is very firmly centered around the relationship but I want to make a couple important notes about that.
  1. That doesn’t mean that’s ALL there is to the story, it’s just all the story really hinges on. There are enough other things going on to keep you interested.
  2. This book focuses on the relationship, it is a romance book but not erotic. It does contain…adult material, but it’s not going to make you want to hide in shame while you read it.
I guess a last note before I go onto the bigger spoiler section, I really like the way she ended the book. Granted, the epilogue was pretty intensely long BUT I think she did a great job wrapping things up and not leaving the reader hanging. I really appreciate that because I HATE it when authors don’t have the guts to finish their books…
I felt this story was a little weird. The main reason being that there is this highly awkward situation with the identical twin of Jessie’s old boyfriend coming and sleeping with her. I think the strangest part of that was him hiding in the woods and like fully planning on going in there and staying with her for weeks…like I don’t know this rubbed me the wrong way for a few reasons and I don’t think I really need to keep going, if you don’t see that as creepy you won’t get where I’m coming from. So I sucked it up and moved on.
This is a pretty big spoiler, this is the end of the regular review so if you are really touchy about spoilers, please click off of this page…
Now, for the rest of you.
The other strange part was the way everyone like totally understood, right down to his parents and Jessie. Like everyone’s just like “aaawww that’s sweet, just make sure you tell her your real name!” And when Jessie herself figures it out, she’s totally ok with and and just I can’t see someone not getting angry or CREEPED OUT at all…unless they’re big fans of Twilight…creeper sneaking into Bella’s room and watching her sleep…
So yeah, overall these do play a pretty big part in the story but, even though I did not really like these aspects, the book was still enjoyable.  
Check it out on Amazon.
Overall 3.5/5
***I received this book as an ARC.  This in no way effected my review.***

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